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Welcome to the Kenton County Republican Women’s Club

Jennifer HalesMessage from the president: 

Dear fellow Republican Women,

I am honored and humbled to be serving as the president of the KCRWC for 2019.  Ten years ago, I was introduced to this organization by a little red-headed spit fire, and first female state representative to serve in Kenton County, Alecia Webb-Edgington.  Ten years later we have no less than three females serving as state representatives in Kenton County districts: Diane St. Onge, Kim Moser, and Savannah Maddox.  In fact, we have more females filling elected positions in this county than ever before.  I can only imagine how proud that fact would make the trailblazing women who founded the Kenton County Republican Women’s Club almost 60 years ago.  We will forever be grateful that courageous women like Mary Middleton stepped out in faith to forge a path that has resulted in such strong female leaders and widespread female leadership.

I feel confident speaking for our new board when I say that we are excited to follow in these incredible footsteps and intend to keep the KCRWC the greatest Republican Women’s Club in our beloved commonwealth of Kentucky.  Our plan for success includes growing and diversifying our membership by making it even more accessible to all women.  We plan to achieve that by alternating our meetings between daytime and evening, so that every woman’s schedule can be accommodated.  Please consider attending one of our meetings, getting involved, and becoming a member.  Each of us strengthens the club in our own individual way with our own unique gifts and talents and I know YOU have something to something to offer!  Join us, so that fifty years from now, future members of the KCRWC will look back at YOU and say, “SHE made a difference and helped pave the way!”

Strong Women…Standing Together…Making a Difference.


Jennifer L. Hales

KCRWC President


2013 NFRW Convention Outing to Churchill Downs:
L-R: Ruth Korzenborn, Pam Dimmerman, Dawn Young, Kim Kraft, Kelley Westwood and Lynn Berk